What is GUIDE?

An online community of Artists particularly from Los Angeles. Guide offers a unique look at artists working in the region focussing on new media art, conversations, lectures and general discourse of the Los Angeles Art community.
Guide is also a DVD Art Journal available by mail order for $20. It is a conventional DVD for use on TV players or computer DVD players. Similar to those found in a video store used to watch movies. GuideDVD has more interactivity so you can choose what you watch and how you watch it. You can select to watch whole segements or choose a chapter theme within a segment. Aproximately 2 hours in duration it is broken into three main categories.


An in-depth documentary style interview with an Artist or Artists.


An interview style discussion between artists, gallerists and curators.


Multmedia work in the DVD format by a selection of Artists.

Who is Guide:

Guide is edited and produced by fil ruting
Camera by Joann Sweiven
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