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About Salton Sea and Palmdale

"These are two videos from series of serendipitous videos I shot in 1998-99.
During this period I was interested in documenting unusual occurrences I came across while driving around Los Angeles and its environs. All are single takes with no edits. These two I find particularly mysterious."

About Manville

"During 1999, the end of the millennium, I had been making a lot of drawing and sculpture based on a sort of Zombie like dream I had.
This manifested itself into this longer format performance video.
The theme is masculine failure at the end of the 20th century as told though 5 scenes separated by anagrams on the word Levis.

About 10 Years in LA

"This video came about on the anniversary of my 10th year of living in Los Angeles. Shot in an afternoon it is essentially a set list of music from those 10 years. One record purchased for each of the 10 years. "

About 100 Years

"When I was 13 I bought The Cure's "Pornography" album. Something about the romantic bleakness and its use of figurative metaphor has always stuck with me. It's a kind of "Dark Ages" celebration. The music is from the 1st track, "One Hundred Years".The imagery was created using the google images search engine. Searching out line by line the text from the song then picking one image from the array that google produces. The Cure's "Pornography" is an artifact that reflected a particular social time and space and it's interesting to see how this is re-inscribed today, more than 25 years later."

About Tri Repetae (demo)

"This is a demo video of a the 3 channel installation series that I have been continuously working on for several years."Tri-Repetae" quotes imagery from film. It shifts the imagery on the colour channels, the RGB, through dislocated time. This re-construction produces a rupture of the context and meaning of the original quote allowing an open viewing. This current series seems to sit firmly in themes of terror and suspense."

Fil Rüting