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About The Videos

"My family never made super 8 films, even though I grew up in the 60’s and 70’s. We recorded sounds instead. My Mother was a singer. This was in Alabama and Tennessee.
I saw the movie Deerhunter with Meryl Streep when I was in high school and decided I wanted to be a film actress. The first footage I ever shot was for a film I had written called Found a Peanut.
Someone I knew had some 16mm film he didn’t want, and someone else I knew had a bolex. We shot two hours worth. The only footage I liked was a scene of me getting shot and falling over on the beach. I never finished the film. Until ten years later when I edited it with Fil Ruting.
Patricia Stone shot Tumbleweed for me on our way out to the desert on a high 8 video camera my Dad got for me. The Sea Beneath Which She Sleeps was shot at the Biltmore Hotel with Tessa Chasteen, again on high 8. It was shot to be part of an installation.
“Countess” is a short video portrait of the Italian Countess de Castiglione who was influential in the French Court in the 1850’s.  She is remembered through the many portraits she had taken of herself by photographer Pierre-Louis Pierson at his studio in Paris.   This video is a tribute to the end of her life after she had been banished from Court and was said to have only gone out at night and dressed in black.
It was shot by Andrew Hahn and edited by Fil Ruting. 
“Her project, undermined by her shameless self-absorption, could not therefore be regarded as that of a true artist.”   -La Divine Comtesse
I have started focusing on very small moments. Those are the things that can send you over the moon. Her hair blowing or the way he looks over his shoulder to make sure you are following him. And at the same time I want to lock myself in my room and watch all the Fassbinder films. I did not become a film actress, so I try to make my life as cinematic as possible."

Terri Phillips